The story in our Gospel for today is a familiar one of two sisters, Mary and Martha, who welcomed Jesus into their home.  The story opens with a seemingly insignificant but actually very important reference to the context:  “Now as Jesus and his disciples went on their way . . . “  They stopped at Mary and Martha’s on their way to Jerusalem.  Luke uses 10 chapters of his Gospel to tell us about this journey and the opening line of today’s Gospel is one of 8 so called “travel notices” in these 10 chapters of Luke reminding us where Jesus is headed.  He is going to die!  The events along the way . . . the things Jesus did and said . . . and the stories he told are significant.  They tell us of the importance and meaning of what Jesus would do at the end of this journey to Jerusalem. Continue Reading »


No one said following Jesus was going to be easy. And clearly in today’s Gospel we see some people having a hard time with the whole discipleship thing.  And a couple of Jesus’ disciples in particular really seem to be having an off day!  I’ve said this before but I really think some of Jesus’ disciples – and I’m thinking here specifically of Peter who notoriously denied Jesus and Thomas who doubted – they get a bad rap for being slouches.  But James and John are no better!  Today in our Gospel reading from Luke we see them at their worst! Continue Reading »

Where is HOME for you?  Is it place where you grew up?  Is it where you raised kids?  Is it where you live now?  Is it where you hang your hat?  Where your heart is?  Many of us might associate home with a house.  A geographical place with rooms and a kitchen and hiding places and comfy places where we connect with those we love.  But usually home is more than a place. Continue Reading »

Today is TRINITY SUNDAY.  There is no biblical commemoration today that inspires our praise and worship – no event in the life of Jesus or in the history of the church.  No Christmas, Easter or Pentecost today.  Just Trinity.  A word about God – a doctrine about God.  It’s like saying, “this is GOD Sunday.” Continue Reading »

pentecost group

It had been 50 days since Jesus rose from the dead.  His friends should be basking in the joy of the resurrection and excited to share the good news.  Instead we find them huddled behind the same locked doors that have kept them paralyzed and isolated since Jesus first appeared to them alive and well.  They are haunted by fears and plagued with guilt.  They are surrounded by questions and doubts.

Continue Reading »

I returned safely home on Thursday from a continuing education event out of town that the congregation generously provided for me.  I called up a LYFT ride to get from my hotel to the airport. Now I learned afterwards that you can check out the driver’s profile on LYFT before you accept a particular ride.  Had I done this I would have discovered that my driver Kelly’s profile indicated she liked to talk.  And so for our 45 minute ride to the airport, we talked. Continue Reading »

easter 2019

Okay. This is going to be awkward.


Now I don’t want to downplay the resurrection of Jesus this morning.  Believe me, I really don’t.


But you realize this isn’t the first time this happened, right?   We’re celebrating the fact that a man who was dead was raised to life again.  But it happened before! Continue Reading »

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