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The Pentecost story we read from the book of Acts in our first reading today has some real dramatic surprises in it.  First of all we read about the WIND!  The Holy Spirit arrived on that day with “the rush of a violent wind.”  And it wasn’t just outside.  “It filled the house” where the disciples were!  What an awesome and terrifying experience?  And then there is the fire dancing on the disciples’ head!  How cool is that?  And to top it all off, the disciples began speaking in languages they had never learned in school!  Take that, Rosetta Stone!


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RISE ABOVE IT.  That’s what we say when dealing with something difficult or unpleasant.  Don’t dwell on it.  Don’t feel sorry for yourself.  Don’t whine.  RISE ABOVE IT.

It’s easy to say . . . especially to someone else.  But is not always easy to do.  (more…)

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