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Okay. This is going to be awkward.


Now I don’t want to downplay the resurrection of Jesus this morning.  Believe me, I really don’t.


But you realize this isn’t the first time this happened, right?   We’re celebrating the fact that a man who was dead was raised to life again.  But it happened before! Continue Reading »


We call this day, MAUNDY THURSDAY.  What does MAUNDY mean?  Lots of times it gets rendered MONDAY THURSDAY.  But no, the name of this day is NOT two days of the week.  The first word is MAUNDY.  It comes from the Latin word, maundatum which means commandment.  It’s the first word in Latin of something that Jesus said to his disciples on this night: maundatum novum do vobis.  Which means, “a new commandment I give you.” Continue Reading »

In a scene from the movie Jack the Giant Slayer, Jack and some companions are struggling to climb the giant beanstalk.  On the way up, Jack slips and suffers a terrible fall which renders him unconscious if not, perhaps mortally wounded.   He finally opens his eyes to see one of his cohorts staring back at him.  “Am I dead”  Jack asks?  “Not just yet” is the response.

Continue Reading »


Repentance is a key theme of the season of Lent. Repentance means to turn around.  The significant Scripture for Lent is the verse we sang earlier before the Gospel:  “Return to the Lord your God for he is gracious and merciful.” Repentance is turning and also includes the idea of a change of mind and heart and life.  The Gospel of Luke talks about repentance.  Last Sunday we heard Jesus warn those who refused to repent.  And right before our Gospel reading today we have two stories about repentance – involving a lost sheep and a lost coin — and the joy that heaven experiences when a sinner repents – or turns back to God – and has a change of heart and mind and life. Continue Reading »


I Corinthians 10:1-13

Luke 13:1-9

Sometimes people will come up and say, I have a question for you. . . Continue Reading »

The most important event in the life of Jesus is his death in Jerusalem on a cross.  If there is one thing we would want anyone to know about Jesus and what he did, we would want them to know that he died for us!  This is the thing that matters.  For Jesus and for us, this is the important moment. It is the “crux” of the story.  It’s the thing we believe about Jesus that saves us. Continue Reading »

In today’s Gospel reading, Jesus preaches love for enemies, blessings on those who curse us, doing good for those who hurt us, lending to those who don’t pay back, turning a cheek when someone hits you, and giving to everyone who begs.

These words do not comfort me.  In fact, they make me very uncomfortable. Continue Reading »

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