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The girls in my house have caught a few episodes of a TLC reality show about aNew Yorkbridal shop where brides come looking for the perfect wedding dress.  It’s called, “Say Yes to the Dress.”  I think a better name for this show would be “Say WHAT?  To the Price of the Dress!”  Oh sure, these brides don’t just fork over the money for one of these pricey gowns without some kind of budget – like 10,000 – 20,000 dollars!  You could probably eliminate hunger in small countries with the money this shop takes in for wedding dresses that are worn for one day.                                      (more…)

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Minnesotahas a couple dozen vineyards.  Most of them are located in the river valleys of theSt. Croix,MinnesotaandCanonRivers.  AMinnesotavineyard makes for a nice weekend getaway or day trip.  It’s a place where visitors sample the produce, enjoy the scenery in a very leisurely, romantic atmosphere.  (more…)

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