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glypmse screen

Have you ever used one of those location tracking apps on your phone?  There’s one called GLYMPSE which is pretty cool.  You can enter your GPS location and send it to someone else who has the same app and then when you’re on the road, for example, the people on the other end can see how close you are to your destination.  I suppose some people might use something like this to try and keep track of their kids which, by the way, does not work if they are adults.  I realize that . . .


If we did a location tracking on Jesus during his earthly ministry it would be interesting to note his movements and watch where he went.  Because it would tell us a lot about who he is.  And where Jesus went in today’s Gospel is very revealing about Jesus.  And shows us a God we really need today.


As Jewish teacher and rabbi, we might expect Jesus to be tracking somewhere in the southern part of first century Palestine.  Near Jerusalem and the temple.  But Jesus spent most of his ministry up in the back woods of Galilee – an area considered remote and insignificant. His disciples were mostly Galilean fishermen. That shouldn’t surprise us – that Jesus would spend his time with those far removed from the religious epicenter.  But in today’s Gospel Jesus goes even further. (more…)

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