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The first chapter of Mark’s Gospel gives us a day in the life of Jesus.  It was a very busy day and the way Mark tells the story, everything happened at break neck speed!  Jesus was busy with the activities that shaped his ministry:  going to the synagogue, healing, casting out demons, spending time with his disciples, and time alone in prayer.  It was typical day for Jesus. (more…)

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What would you do – what would WE do – if someone walked into church this morning that was clearly having a very serious problem . . . whose behavior was causing a disturbance?  What if you could tell by his disheveled appearance that something was not right?  What if he was yelling – being disruptive and inappropriate and rude?  Would we ignore him?  Call 911?  Try to reason with him?  Sounds like something the Elders should deal with, don’t you think? (more…)

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