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Two big things happening today:  Reformation Sunday and our church 10 year anniversary.  It’s not a coincidence.  Those who founded this congregation waited on purpose until Reformation Day, October 31 (which in 2004 just happened to fall on a Sunday!) to formally adopt their charter. The Reformation was about re-discovering the grace of God and re-establishing the church on the one foundation of Christ.  Our anniversary is about the birth of a congregation named Grace of God established on this one foundation. (more…)

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This pitcher sat in the hutch in my parent’s dining room.  It’s a strange kitschy item.  And for some reason which for the life of me I cannot remember or understand, I felt at one point that I HAD to have this.  So my mom put my name on the bottom.  And when she moved into her new place, this guy moved into our place.  This is something a lot of people do . . . deciding who gets what. (more…)

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A while back we received a wedding invitation in the mail.  There was an RSVP included which is typical for such an invite.  But this one had unique wording.  There were two options – we had to choose one:  Joyfully accept or regretfully decline.

We joyfully accepted.  But I wondered if there shouldn’t be at least two more options.  Regretfully accept and joyfully decline!  Because sometimes we get invitations that we only accept out of obligation and we often feel relieved, yes even joyful, when we have an excuse not to accept what we view as an infringement on our time or energy. (more…)

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