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That’s such a great hymn to sing.  The voice of Jesus is calling us to work today!  And this hymn reminds us that there is something for everyone to do!  The hymn mentions teaching, preaching, sharing Jesus’ love, pointing out the path to heaven, leading little children, praying, giving offerings, and supporting others who do these things by lifting up the prophets’ hands.  There’s even “rousing the wicked” if you’re up for that!  So what is Jesus calling you to do?  Can you hear his voice? (more…)

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A college professor reports that whenever she asks the students in her religion class what they believe to be the most important part of the Christian message, they almost always respond by speaking about forgiveness. Jesus came to bring a message of forgiveness, they say. Some of the more thoughtful students remember to add that he came to teach us how to forgive one another.

Forgiveness permeates the Christian message.  It is a common theme running through our worship together.  (more…)

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