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So here we are just 12 days into the new year!  How are things going??  If current global events are any indication, 2020 is already starting to show some cracks in the promise it made that “everything would be better in the new year!”  And I’m guessing – if you’re like me and lots of others who set out to be better in the new year – now is about the time when we begin to notice that, despite our intentions and resolutions, we are failing to be any more awesome, more beautiful, more disciplined, more productive or more organized.  Which is all just another way of saying, “more worthy of love.” (more…)

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It’s nice to visit friends and family over the holidays, right?  It may be the only time during the year when we see certain people.  And it’s always worth it to spend time with relatives – getting caught up – reconnecting – laughing – playing games – sharing meals together – being a family. It’s nice to have overnight Christmas visitors in your home or just for a meal or party. And it’s nice when everyone goes back home too! It feels wonderful to have adult kids and grandkids home for Christmas.  It’s sad when the visit is over and they have to go home or back to school. (more…)

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