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A painting of Christ at a Spanish church was in need of restoration. It was just the face of Christ painted on a column over 100 years old by the painter Elias Garcia Martinez and it had begun to deteriorate.  The colors had faded, much of the paint had chipped away and the face of Jesus was hardly recognizable anymore.  Everyone agreed it needed a touch up.  And the granddaughter of the artist had arranged for funds to have the painting brought back to its orginal condition.  But in the meantime, a little old lady in the congregation thought she might be able to tackle the project.  So armed with a paintbrush, good intentions and a gross overestimation of her painting skills she took matters into her own hands. . . with disastrous results.  One obersver described the finished product as “a bloated hedgehog.”  Another reporter said it resembled “a crayon sketch of a very hairy monkey in an ill-fitting tunic.”  It has become this week’s internet joke and if you haven’t seen it yet, check it out.   (more…)

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As we grow older, we hope to become wiser.  Going to school is certainly part of the process of growing in knowledge, but wisdom isn’t learned in books.  We gain wisdom through our experiences.  And often through unpleasant ones.  It is said that experience comes from what we have done; wisdom comes from what we have done badly.  (more…)

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