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The context of our Gospel today is once again set in the Upper Room on the night Jesus was betrayed.  Now, erase from your head the beloved Leonardo da Vinci painting with Jesus and all the disciples frozen in conversation on one side of the table.  Imagine instead a gathering of friends reclining at the table.  It was in this intimate context – friend to friend – around the dinner table – in the quiet setting of fellowship — that Jesus prepares them for the time he will be gone from their sight. (more…)

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“Come to Jesus”


Beautiful invitation, isn’t it?  Especially knowing that he is always there waiting for us . . . ready to welcome us and embrace us.  There is a beautiful song with this title by Chris Rice – we’ve sung it many times.  The lyrics remind us that weak and wounded sinners can always come to Jesus.  For those who know and love him that sentence is filled with promise. (more…)

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