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I attended my niece’s wedding last night in Cloquet.  After the wedding ceremony, we went to the Cloquet Armory for the reception.  There was food and drink . . . and then there was music and then there was dancing.  Dancing is one of those things some people enjoy and some feel very self-conscious about.  When you are dancing with friends or with someone you love, it can be a wonderful, beautiful, exhilarating way to interact.  But when you are thinking about how you appear to others or what your feet are doing beneath you, it can be a disaster. (more…)

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When singing with kids its sometimes fun to do actions along with the words of the song.  Plus it helps you remember the words!  I’ve done this a lot over the years . . . Vacation Bible School, Wednesday nights, youth events.


Bible (hold hands open like a book)

Love (arms crossed on chest or “heart”)

Pray (hands folded)

See – Hear (point to eyes and ears)

Jesus (sign language nail prints)


And when you don’t know what else to do, you just wave your arms in the air! (more…)

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My aunt and uncle and cousin were in town last Sunday and after worship I was telling them about our recent trip to Chicago.  Years ago, when my cousin was just a young boy, their whole family had made a memorable trip to Chicago.  What they remembered was that my cousin was left alone downtown – his parents and his older brothers all thinking he was in the company of the others.  Pretty scary for a little kid.  (more…)

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