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Two facts should concern you right now.  One fact is that this multimedia screen has descended in our worship space – a sign that I may be using some images along with my sermon this morning, right.  Coupled with this fact is the other fact that should cause you great concern right now.  And that is that I have just returned from a wonderful trip to Germany where I took over 2500 photos.

Are you concerned yet?  Are you staring to do the math in your head?  2500 photos at just 3 seconds per photo is . . . .over two hours.  Are you starting to plan your escape?


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Whenever I have the privilege of preaching the good news of Jesus at a wedding – like I did just last weekend — I feel like it is part of my task is to make it real.  And by “make it real” I mean acknowledging and confronting the reality that marriage relationships are hard!  I feel called to point out that sometimes husbands and wives hurt each other and act selfishly and all that rather ugly stuff.  (more…)

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