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I think a lot of us feel very proud of our congregation today.  15 years ago, a crazy faithful few created something new and called it Grace of God.  It has been and continues to be a place of joy and comfort and support and rescue and life for all of us.  And we continue to strive to live up to our name so that what people read on a sign on the outside of the building they actually experience when they come inside. (more…)

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Today in our Gospel from Luke we see Jesus as healer.  We see him responding to cries for mercy and providing complete healing from disease.  WE come to him for healing.  (We will sing that a little later!)  But the Gospel is about more than healing.

Today in our Gospel we see Jesus as the object of thanks and praise.  Like the man who recognized Jesus as the giver of all good things, we come to Jesus with OUR thanks and praise.  We give thanks with a grateful heart.  (We’ll sing THAT later too!)  But the Gospel today is about more than giving thanks. (more…)

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A thirteen year old boy sat in church at a funeral.  His grandfather was also there, though not exactly voluntarily.  In fact, it had been many years since his grandfather had been in church.  And this day would most definitely be his last.  It was this grandfather’s funeral. (more…)

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